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V.O. Tech is the next generation of vegetable oil-powered diesel engine technology…

V.O. Tech, LLC, is a manufacturer of high-performance diesel-hybrid conversion systems that convert mechanical and electronic diesel-powered engines to operate on pure vegetable oil. Our state-of-the-art system has been tested and proven to outperform anything in the market. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible conversion systems available.

Our advanced facility combines a fully equipped machine shop with some of the most sophisticated diagnostic tools available. This combination allows for rapid implementation of new design, immediate fabrication and the ability to work around OBD 2 equipped vehicles.

Our belief is that vegetable oil and your engine should reach operating temperature before switch- over…and they should stay there during operation. Our system allows this to happen and allows you to monitor it as well. Although some systems rely on engine coolant temperature as a guide to determine switch-over time, we found this to be misleading, and potentially damaging to your engine.

Our company is committed to the philosophy of continuous improvement.

We are constantly designing and evaluating new products to ensure you get the best out of this technology.

The Heart of Our System:
The Geo

Our Featured Products

Oil Temperature Gauge (Analog)

Allows monitoring of vegetable oil temperature from the cockpit.


  • Displays 100o to 280o F
  • Illuminated dial
  • SAE Black Bezel
  • 90 degree pointer sweep
  • Made in USA
  • Includes temp. sending unit
  • Easy to install


Advantages of using vegetable oil as a fuel:

  • Environmentally friendly – closed carbon cycle (carbon neutral) and no sulfur
  • Saves you money! (far less costly compared to diesel)
  • Superior lubricating properties means a smoother running engine (no ‘knock’). You can actually hear your engine run quieter!
  • Less reliance on foreign oil
  • American farmers can benefit from increased demand for vegetable oil crops
  • Made in the USALess worry about fuel price fluctuations


All systems are currently being installed by Wally’s Super Service in Mahopac, NY. Please call for details on scheduling and pricing. We expect to have systems available shortly for those who wish to perform their own installation. Products can viewed on our Products page…

“If you’re spending as much on fuel as you do on groceries, conversion to vegetable oil may be something you want to consider.”
– Wally Little, 2005

Diesel Fuel Prices
Source: Energy Information Administration, Official Energy Statistics from the US Government