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Our Customers

2001 Mack 300 Garbage Truck

Owned by the Town of Mamaroneck

The Town of Mamaroneck’s vegetable oil powered garbage truck is the first working refuse collecting truck of its kind in New York State.  The Mack 300 hp E Tech EM300 truck was retrofitted by V.O. Tech, LLC and the truck has been operating since January 2008.  Photographed below is the truck on display at the unveiling of Westchester’s Global Warming Action Plan on February 26, 2008 at Manhattanville College.


2000 2500 Series pickup Truck

Owned by Vince Memolis

…with the infamous vp44 injector pump, this system has an upgraded Fass fuel pump and low fuel pressure warning indicator to assure fuel system performance.  You may see this truck cruising the roads of sunny Florida….

2001 Ford F-250 Truck

Owned by James Stewart

Jim was so happy having a V.O. Tech system in his first vehicle…

. ..he decided to do his second…..


1988 Ford Tractor

Owned by The County of Westchester 

This tractor was modified for Westchester County for use on a local farm. The tank has a special mount (in a raised position) so it will interfere with the six-point hitch.  Using this tractor for agricultural purposes… talk about a closed carbon cycle!!!

2004 VW Passat Tdi Pump Deusse

Owned by Chuck Vincent. 

This is the third in Chuck’s fleet of diesel vehicles to be converted to veg.  It all adds up to a lot in fuel savings.  This particular car commutes 100 miles a day so Chuck needed a system he knows he can count on. Chuck’s quote "V.O. Tech has a real dependable fuel system that has the best performance on the market." Thanks Chuck!

2001 Ford 22 Passenger Bus

Owned by the County of Westchester

In keeping with their green energy policy, Westchester County’s newest vegoil conversion will be used for passenger transport.  Their fleet is growing and is already the largest governmental vegetable oil powered fleet we know of.  Hats off to Andrew J. Spano for for pro-active approach to green energy!


1999 Ford Econoline E-350 Super Duty

Owned by the County of Westchester

Westchester County’s new "Veggie Van" will be used for education and to raise the level of public awareness concerning a variety of alternative fuels – including vegetable oil.  County Executive Andrew J. Spano said "This is one of those things that is so much fun to show off."  V.O. Tech teamed up with the Westchester County Department of Public works on this effort. 

County Executive Andrew J. Spano (above) discussing the advantages of vegetable oil as a fuel at a press conference in front of Westchester’s new "Veggie Van."


2000 Ford F-250

Owned by Jimmy Stewart (no, not the actor)

Jim uses this truck for his hunting trips up north and needed a system he could count on in the colder weather.  Hopefully the big game won’t be chasing him down from the scent of his new exhaust!


1980 Mercedes Benz 300SD

Owned by Chuck Vincent.  

Chuck Vincent was so pleased with his first system in his 2006 Dodge truck that he decided to have us veg. his Mercedes with a second system.  He also now plans for us to convert his TDI very soon.  Talk about getting off the grid…


1999 Dodge 2500 series Pick-up

Owned by the County of Westchester

Westchester County plans to use this truck as a work truck for maintenance, snow plowing, etc. For Westchester County’s official press release click here.


1999 Chevrolet Suburban

Owned Todd Picken.  

After facing functionality issues with another vendor’s “simple” kit, Todd’s ‘Burb was completely gutted and upgraded with the V.O. Tech system.  This truck now runs an average veg. oil temperature of 185 degrees in Vermont’s cold weather climate.


1997 GMC Savana 3500 6.5L Turbo

Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Vinny Negron

The Negrons van required removal of a non-functioning system (with driveability issues) and the installation of a complete V.O. Tech system (less tank).  The V.O. Tech GEO was mounted underneath the air cleaner and fits so well in this application it cannot be seen from under the hood!  Vinny is now ecstatic to be able to switch over five times faster compared to his previous kit and has no driveability issues whatsoever.


2003 VW Jetta Tdi

Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Jim Norman

As a reporter for the New York Times, Jim has been following the advancements of vegetable oil powered cars for quite some time.  In fact, for over a year, he has been running grease in his own VW Jetta (with a competitor’s kit).  After attending Greasestock 2006 and holding a GEO in his hand, he was so impressed with the design, that he brought us this Tdi for a major upgrade.  Using our latest technology, including the GEO as well as other V.O. Tech Components, Jim and his wife are now very happy with both oil temperatures and performance.


2003 VW Golf Tdi

Owned by Evan Null.

Evan conducted exhaustive research on a variety of veggie systems before making his decision.  He and his dad checked out the GEO and the rest of the V.O. Tech system at Greasestock this past May.  During the course of conversation with V.O. Tech personnel at the event, it was quite apparent he had done his research and has gained extensive knowledge about burning veg. oil.  Evan is now happy to be OFF THE GRID!!!


1994 Ford F-250 Diesel

Owned by Carver Farrell.

Carver actively promotes sustainable living and enjoys showing off his veggie powered truck.  He also enjoys consistent 180 degree plus temperatures on his veg. oil gauge.


2001 Ford F-250 7.3 Powerstroke

Owned by Rick Bowman

Rick is a firefighter in the Bronx. This conversion involved opening up the heads for less noise, faster purge and more horsepower.  Rick was able to make  it to Greasestock this year and check out a variety of alternative fuel products.  He commutes 70 miles round trip to work – now on veg. oil.


2000 Ford Econoline Van with 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel

Owned by Dave Bruns 

Dave holds a degree in electrical engineering.  As an apartment building maintenance manager, he requires dependability in his daily use of this cargo van. With the V.O. Tech system installed, Dave is saving money and the environment.



2006 Dodge CRD Cummins with remote fill

Owned and operated by Northeast Shelters

Northeast Shelters is a family run company located in upstate New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley that manufactures, sells and installs portable shelters, greenhouses and garages.  Straightforward installation with 43 gallon bed tank.


2003 Dodge Cummins CRD with suspended tank
Owned and operated by Urban Myth, Inc.

Urban Myth, a custom home builder/remodeler, required use of the full length of this pick-up’s bed to carry building materials.  A custom tank was fabricated and lifted off the bed to satisfy their particular requirements.  Now, they can easily slide 8′ long building materials underneath – and easily access the tank’s filler cap.


2005 Mercedes E-320
Owned by Dr. Lee Laufler

After months of problems during his first attempt (with another manufacturer’s kit), Dr. Laufler installed a V.O. Tech system and left with oil temps averaging 195 degrees into the common rail.

-- --

1997 Ford F-350
1st Generation PSD
Owned by Ben Truitt, Landscape Architect

Ben’s truck sports the sister rail replacement tank. No bed space taken and he fills it up through the stock front gas door. Ben pulls consistent temps at 185 before injection.



1999 Mercedes E-300
Mr. Bob Meier

One of our firsts. Custom gauge panel occupies the area where the factory phone once stood. Pulls a steady 190 degrees pre injector pump.
(Click dash picture for larger image.)



1991 Mercedes 350 SDL

Eileen Zidi, an Organic Produce Farmer and her husband George, an executive chef commute a lot of miles with their 350 SDL and are now saving over $600 a month on fuel. Another happy customer.



2006 Chevrolet k2500
JVD Inc., a full service communications contracting company

Duramax 6.6 litre. After conversion has a steady 185 degrees at the injector rail at idle or on the road.


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